English to Arabic Translation

English to Arabic Translation

Professional English to Arabic Translation by Sharjah Translation Services

If you are looking for the accurate and reliable English to Arabic translation services in Sharjah for a variety of documents, Sharjah Translation Services is the agency to contact for this purpose. We are offering English to Arabic translation for a variety of documents.

All the languages spoken in Sharjah and UAE due to the presence of expatriates and the documents available in those languages are translated through the certified translators who are native speakers of those languages. 

However, mostly the translators have English as their second language due to which they only translate from native language to English whereas the government offices require translation in Arabic so we follow the sequence of translation as from native language to English and then English to Arabic.

English to Arabic Translation

We translate any Document written in any language to English and then English to Arabic

We have a network of professional linguists who are best in providing accurate language conversions of documents from English to Arabic. English is the largest spoken language in the world having speakers in almost every country of the world and is considered as the standard language for international communication. 

On the other hand Arabic is used as the official language in Sharjah and government authorities accept the documents in Arabic language due to which any immigrant who has documents in the languages other than Arabic are required to get a translation first before submitting them to the government offices.

Types of Translation Services we offer

Sharjah Translation Services is offering different types of language conversions as described below:

1. Document Translation

Translation is the core services of the agency which revolves around translation of various types of documents from English to Arabic. Whether it’s legal contracts, driving license, technical manuals, marketing materials, academic papers, personal documents or any other type of content, all the individuals and professionals irrespective of their native languages can get certified translations from us.

2. Certified Translations

If you require certified language conversions for official documents like legal contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, or academic transcripts, we provide accurate and certified language conversions as the agency is accredited by the ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE due to which our language conversions are accepted by government agencies and institutions in Sharjah.

3. Website Localization

In Sharjah, many multinational business companies are aiming to expand their reach to Arabic-speaking customers. Website localization is one of the effective techniques which the companies adopt for this purpose.

4. Transcription

We provide transcription of audio and video content for different fields in all languages spoken in Sharjah and the UAE.

5. Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Our clients can expect best desktop publishing from our experts who ensure to maintain the formatting and layouts of translated text as per the original document.

6. Interpretation Services

In addition to document translation, we also provide interpretation services for meetings, conferences, and events. Our experienced interpreters ensure effective communication between English and Arabic speakers.

How Sharjah Translation Services are best

Accurate translation is required to convey the message to the target audience eliminating any language barriers. Moreover, government authorities demand certified language conversions of documents. An expert translator is one who always takes care of cultural sensitivity while translating a document means he must have the knowledge of cultural nuances of both original and target languages so that the readers may understand that the text is correct and there is no confusion. It is a legal requirement that the translated legal and official documents must be correct and readable. We achieve this through our certified experts of different fields. 

You can also expect not only time effective services from us but also accurate, reliable and up to the high standards. On the other hand when it comes to the secrecy of your important material, you can expect strict measures in this regard.

Experience the Excellence

Sharjah Translation Services stands out for its commitment to excellence. Our clients can take these opportunities as blessings because we are offering accurate, cost effective and trusted set of services under one roof. Whether its translation, interpretation, transcription or subtitling and voice dubbing, we are offering all these services in Sharjah having a large number of satisfied customers. We also invite you to avail our services.


150+ Professional Translators

If you are looking out for translators in Sharjah, then our experts will assist you regarding the legal translation process and will make sure that you get top-notch facilities.

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If you are looking out for translators in Sharjah, then our experts will assist you regarding the legal translation process and will make sure that you get top-notch facilities.