Equipment Rental

Interpretation Equipment Rental Services are amongst the most demanding services provided by any translation company. When the event organizers desire to address the audience having different languages, they hire interpretation services. Ultimately, the need for interpretation equipment rises.

Sharjah Translation Services is offering Interpretation rental services all over Sharjah. We provide equipment for conferences, seminars, and any type of mega event in Sharjah. We have the latest equipment for rental purposes at affordable prices. The high-quality equipment is very important to ensure success of the event. We have a variety of equipment including but not limited to the following devices:

Equipment Rental

Interpretation Equipment Rental by Sharjah Translation Services

Avail Interpretation Equipment rental services at Sharjah Translation Services. Sharjah is a hub of many businesses, government and semi-government organizations which have workers and professionals from different countries of the world with multiple languages. These entities are often required to arrange different events ranging from trade shows and conferences to concerts, art exhibitions and festivals in which speakers of different languages and cultures participate.

1. Wireless Headsets

Latest and sophisticated wireless headsets are available which ensure crystal-clear sound quality to allow participants to hear every single word clearly. These headsets have a feature of noise reduction which adds more clarity in the received voices and enhances the listeners’ experience.

2. Microphones

Both varieties of microphones like handheld and lapel microphones are available. We can provide a large quantity of microphones as per magnitude of the event. These microphones also have high quality and allow the speakers to address a large audience in a high-capacity hall.

3. Transmitters and Receivers

High quality transmitters and receivers are available in stock which ensure seamless communication between interpreters and participants. These devices are used to allow the participants of multiple languages switch to their relevant language in order to listen to the interpreter voice.

4. Booths

Soundproof interpreter booths provide a comfortable environment to the interpreters to deliver best performance during any event because any kind of distraction can lead towards skipping the speaker’s original message which causes disaster for both the event organizers and the participants as well. We ensure our booths will minimize external disturbance, resulting in accurate and efficient interpretation.

5. Interpreter Consoles

There are up-to-date interpreter consoles with an intuitive interface. By using these devices, the interpreters can easily manage audio languages input, volume control and other settings to enhance their performance during the event.

When it comes to the prices, we believe in making top-tier interpretation equipment accessible to all, so we offer affordable pricing which competes with the other service providers in the market.
Many success stories lie in our splendid history and those who have availed our services for once, come again and again every time they are going to organize any event in Sharjah. This is because Sharjah Translation Services is a brand name, and our splendid services always ensure customer satisfaction.

All the event organizers are invited to avail best interpretation equipment rental services in Sharjah, as the latest, high-quality, and well-maintained devices are the priority of event organizers that we have in our stock in sufficient quantity. The company has a best customer support team available 24/7 to respond to all queries and to facilitate the clients in the best possible way.

Why Sharjah Translation?

Why Choose Sharjah Translation Services?

Event organizers can get a complete set of interpreter equipment in sufficient quantity on rent for any event in all over Sharjah. These high-quality devices ensure clear and accurate communication. Furthermore, experienced technicians will install the setup, monitor, and troubleshoot the equipment throughout the event so that event organizers may not face any problem and complete their event successfully.

Every event is unique with respect to its purpose and requirements, so it is very important to use the equipment as per needs. Clients are provided with the free consultancy regarding the right quantity of equipment and setup plan.

How to Place order?

Our clients can place their orders in two ways. One method is to contact us through customer services and the other one is to fill a simple form which is generated through an automated quotation system. On the submission of a request, the client will be responded with a quotation by our customer team in a few minutes and after order confirmation, the process of equipment delivery is initiated.