Sharjah Translation Services is a leader when it comes to provision of interpretation services in Sharjah. Our interpretation team boasts of very qualified linguists with careers spanning decades. We provide one-on-one interpretation services in over 200 languages for all groups and settings. We adhere to interpretation guidelines that help facilitate these types of interactions between linguistically diverse groups.

We also do simultaneous interpretations. Simultaneous interpretations have become increasingly common in the UAE owing to the large number of conferences that are convened in Sharjah and other Emirates yearly. We provide Simultaneous Interpretations to large organizations’ meetings where there is need for interpretation from one language to another. This is usually a complicated and strenuous task that requires meticulous attention to details and dedicated staff, the kind that we are revered for. 

We use the stands approach where every interpreter sits on their own both listening to the speaker through a headset. Once they have a clear grasp of the speech, they proceed to relay the translation via a microphone. This interpretation style is very common around the world and is also referred to as the UN style in some cases. The delegates sit wearing headsets that are wirelessly connected. We also have all the specialized equipment and personnel to make such events successful.

Interpretation Services

Avail the best Interpretation Services through Sharjah Translation Services in Sharjah

As a leading interpretation services in Sharjah, we understand very well why anyone may need an interpreter at some point. It is simply because as humans, we are naturally predisposed to care about what people say! For an organization conducting business internationally or across regions with varied languages, a professional interpreter is perhaps the biggest asset you can acquire. Sharjah Translation Services has played this role perfectly for many companies and organizations within Sharjah and across the UAE. We are offering Simultaneous, Consecutive, Remote-Simultaneous and whisper interpretation services along with simultaneous interpretation equipment rental all over Sharjah.

Interpretation Services

When can an organization need the Interpretation Services?

Many companies in Sharjah are increasingly becoming multinational. Therefore, the challenge of language barrier is always going to be an eminent problem. The good news is that in spite of many challenges, there is one solution to overcome the language barriers that is hiring the Sharjah Translation Services. Contact us today for guaranteed services.

Are you thinking of discussing legal matters with colleagues, training and educating staff in a different country or providing real-time information to stake-holders in their languages? We are the most professional interpretation company that you need to engage. Among our clients are private and public commercial organizations including the judiciary, the police, the fire departments, commercial banks, colleges and universities among others. 

Interpretation Services

How do we choose our interpreters?

Many of our clients ask this question. We equally encourage anyone who wants to seek the services of any other translation company in Sharjah to ask such questions because they help you know whether the interpretation team is up to task or not. The simple answer we provide is that our interpreters are locally sourced, according to your needs. 

We have a team of interpreters in our lists for languages spoken in Sharjah. We conduct the required checks including security clearances, tests for qualifications and experience before we engage them. Our interpreters require a wide range of skills and abilities to meet the various requirements of our diverse range of clients. Linguists will be assigned based on different criteria, such as whether they might be working within a healthcare environment, legal situation or with informal community groups.