Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation Services by Sharjah Translation services

Sharjah Translation Services has been providing Simultaneous Interpretation Services for more than two decades in Sharjah allowing businesses and government, semi-government and private organizations to interact with the people of different languages in multiple mega events. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, workshop or any other mega event, organizers of the events can avail our services so that their event becomes successful.

Moreover, it’s a job of responsibility and requires much attention so that not a single sentence is skipped during the event. Another way to improve these abilities is to get a lot of practice to catch every nuance, emotion, and subtlety of the speaker’s speech through listening to different recorded speeches and trying to interpret them at home. This helps in improving the skills to perform in a live session.

It is also very important for the interpreters to understand the cultural context as there are a lot of idiom expressions, cultural references, and sensitive discussions which confuse the interpreter so these factors should also be kept in consideration. Furthermore, interpreters simply convert the spoken words of main speakers into the other languages so they are not allowed to add a single word from their own side and they must refrain from giving their opinion in any discussion.

There are many topics which are based on latest news and trends due to which these professionals are also required to keep themselves updated from the latest market trends and latest information because sometime it is observed that when the speakers discuss something which is new to the interpreter, he becomes confused and starts skipping which is not good for event and the audiences.

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Hire the expert Simultaneous Interpreter Services for any mega Event in Sharjah

In simultaneous interpretation, certified interpreters speak in accordance with the speakers of events while staying in a soundproof booth. The equipment installation process is involved before the event. The interpreter wears a headset and stays in a soundproof booth whereas participants in need of interpretation also wear headsets to listen to the interpreted content in their preferred language. The speakers deliver their speech and the interpreters listen to them carefully and understand what they say and simultaneously start speaking in the language for which they are intended to interpret.

There are many devices used in this process due to which the interpreted content is transmitted to the audience. It is very important to use only high quality equipment so that the audience may comprehend the speech instantly without any delay hence ensuring seamless flow of conversation.

Simultaneous interpretation is a difficult job as it not only demands proficiency in the relevant language but also skill and natural abilities are needed like sharp memory, sensitive ears and confidence. That’s why only a few people choose this profession.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services for all languages in Sharjah for different live Events

Many immigrants and professionals of different languages and cultures are living in Sharjah due to which they often seek linguistic aids to ensure effective interaction with the speakers of different languages. In case of events, interpreter services are mandatory to deliver the message in an effective way. Sharjah Translation services are providing interpreters for many languages like French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi and many more languages. 

Our interpreters interpret from their relevant languages into English. However, Arabic is the main language spoken in Sharjah. If the service in Arabic is required this cannot be done directly but from source language to English and then English to Arabic because mostly linguists of different languages have English as their second language.

We are offering these services to many events as per following details:

1. Business Conferences

Sharjah’s growing business landscape attracts entrepreneurs and investors from around the world and we help them to ensure effective communication with their customers.

2. Cultural Events

The emirate hosts numerous cultural events, art exhibitions, and festivals. We help the organizers to organize these events and make them understandable to the people of other cultures.

3. Educational Seminars

There are many educational institutions in Sharjah which hold educational seminars frequently so our services are available to make educational events successful.

4. Government Summits

Sharjah often hosts international summits and diplomatic meetings at government level. We have already served many government departments in organizing successful events.

4. Medical and Scientific Symposia

The healthcare and scientific sectors in Sharjah benefit from our Simultaneous interpretation services during medical conferences and scientific symposia, fostering knowledge exchange.


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