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Subtitling and captioning are pivotal tools in the world of multimedia content. They are used to display text for the spoken words in a video. The people who are not familiar with the language used in a video or the deaf and hard of hearing persons can take benefit from these techniques to understand the video content. At Sharjah Translation Services, we have a seasoned team of linguists and technical specialists to offer accurate subtitling and captioning services. The process involves multiple steps as following:

Subtitling and Captioning

Subtitling and Captioning Services by Sharjah Translation Services

Sharjah is the emirate where cultures and languages converge due to the presence of a large number of speakers of different languages in the form of immigrants and other professionals. Linguistic needs also rise in this situation and different techniques are used by individuals and professionals to ensure effective communication between speakers of different languages. Sharjah Translation Services proudly offers best subtitling and captioning services in Sharjah that hold the guarantee of accuracy, high quality and reliability. These services are beneficial for businesses, media professionals and content creators.

1. Transcription

The first step is to identify the speakers and transcribe the spoken dialogue, sound effects and other audio elements of the video.

2. Translation

Our certified translators translate the dialogues into the desired language. It is important to maintain the meaning, tone and cultural nuances in the translated text so that if the text is used for voice dubbing, it may help the artists to reflect all these qualities in the dubbed voice.

3. Synchronization

To maintain the readability and coherence, it is also important to synchronize the text with the timing of audio as it enhances the audience experience for the video.

4. Text Placement and Formatting

The text is placed on the video in such a way that It does not obstruct the visuals. It also includes the font type, size, and color which enhance the readability of text.

6. Quality Checks

When the transcription is done, we pass it through a quality assurance process like proofreading, editing and formatting to verify the linguistic accuracy, timing and overall synchronization.

7. Cultural Sensitivity

Mostly the transcribers ignore this factor due to which expressions are neglected in the text and the audience specially deaf and having hearing issues could not enjoy the real sense of the scene. So we ensure to adapt the cultural reference, idioms, and expressions accurately.

How the Subtitling and Captioning Services are beneficial for you in Sharjah

By availing these facilities at Sharjah Translation Services, following benefits can be achieved from subtitling and captioning:

1. Accessibility

This technique increases the accessibility of your content to a broader audience, including the people with hearing impairments and non-native speakers.

2. Enhanced Engagement

In case of business promotional messages, clients can be engaged effectively by offering the text under the video in the language they understand.

3. Global Reach

Increasing the brand visibility to the global audience is the desire of the businesses. By using these techniques, media content can become understandable to the people of different countries. Mostly, this is achieved by offering the transcription in a variety of languages and displaying the content with subtitles relevant to a specific region.

4. Compliance

We are well aware of the legal requirements of different regions regarding subtitling captioning services especially for electronic media and online platforms, so we offer our service in accordance with these regulations.

5. Educational Content

In educational content, these techniques enhance the learning experience of students and researchers to understand the educational content through the text displayed in the video in the language they understand.

6. Professionalism

In time services, accuracy and attention to the details are the traits of best subtitling and captioning services which show the professionalism of the service providers. You can expect all these qualities in our work.

7. SEO Advantages

Another advantage of subtitled and captioned content is that it is more likely to be indexed by search engines and the online visibility of the content ultimately helps in increasing the viewership. Moreover, SEO optimized content guarantees business expansion.


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If you are looking out for translators in Sharjah, then our experts will assist you regarding the legal translation process and will make sure that you get top-notch facilities.