Technical Translation

It is a challenging task in both the language conversion and dealing with the technical terminologies. Our Technical Translation Services are best in Sharjah. Technical documents can be related to engineering, computer science, medicine, manufacturing and many other technical fields.

 Mostly these documents address the relevant professionals to carry out further processes or to ensure the desired actions. Technical professionals and those immigrants who are living in Sharjah and UAE often contact us to get the translation of the documents as mentioned below:

Technical Translation

Technical Translation by Sharjah Translation services

Sharjah Translation Services are offering accurate and reliable technical translation services for the technical documents that are mostly used in technical fields. Language conversions of such types of documents are also technical and every one cannot achieve that standard that is essential to meet the requirements of authorities. These types of documents are even unreadable to the people who have less understanding of technical terminologies so the services of professional translators are required to translate those documents accurately while securing the meanings of original documents during the language conversion process.

User Manuals and Guides:

There are certain instructions that are supplied with the products, software, or system to inform the users about using the equipment or software accurately. Users can follow the step-by-step procedure , diagrams and troubleshooting tips by reading these instructions.

1. Specifications and Data Sheets

Users can read the specifications of the products and their components by these papers so translation is required to cover the customers who do not understand the language of these documents.

2. Whitepapers

There are certain papers which are often required translation such as reports that explain some technical topics and clear the concepts and propose the solutions.

3. Patents

Many professionals require language conversions of legal and technical documents which are used to register an invention.

Technical Translation

Training Material

Every organization has many employees of different nationalities and languages and also human resource development is the priority of organizations. The staff frequently passes through certain training sessions so that they can utilize updated knowledge in their jobs. Language conversions of such training material is required to enable the workers of different languages to understand the learning material.

4. Safety Manuals and Procedures

Some industries deal with the processes which involve danger to the workers and the environment such as manufacturing units, chemical processes and power houses so the safety manuals are prepared which provide guidelines to ensure safety and to prevent accidents. These are also translated to make them readable to the workers of different languages.

5. Software Documentation

When software is built, it has a lot of documentation along with it to guide the users how to use the software interface, help files and other technical papers. Generally software is built for a specific purpose which can be related to the users all over the world so the language conversions are needed to enable the users to understand the usability of the software.

6. Engineering Drawings

There are many drawings related to the engineering field such as technical drawings, schematics, blueprints that explain design and construction information. We translated them to enable the concerned person to use them with confidence.

6. Scientific Research Papers

We are also offering translation of various academic papers, research findings, methodologies, conclusions and other research based papers in Sharjah.

Technical Translation

Localization of Software and Websites

Websites are the main source of information in UAE to introduce the business to many people of different cultures and ethnicities. So we are offering the best website translation and localization covering all spoken languages in the UAE. On the other hand, to increase the usability of software, we translate the interface in the desired languages to make them more user friendly for wider audiences.

We have many clients that appreciate our services by availing them frequently when they require. All the government authorities and public and private organizations accept our translated documents in Sharjah and all over the UAE. When it comes to the urgent services, our clients take this opportunity to get their projects completed in time. Our mission is to develop a permanent working relationship with our clients for which we are striving hard to maintain the quality and standard and take it to the advanced level along with the latest trends.

Hire the services of Professional Translators for Technical Documents

Sharjah Translation services have a team of experts who are proficient in their own languages and working for different organizations where they deal with many technical documents on a daily basis. This enables them to offer accurate language conversions of all above mentioned documents.


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If you are looking out for translators in Sharjah, then our experts will assist you regarding the legal translation process and will make sure that you get top-notch facilities.