Voice Dubbing and Voice Over

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These techniques are used in audiovisual content production. The purpose of this technique is to convey messages to a wider audience, irrespective of their languages or cultural background. If the audio track in content is in some foreign language which is not common like English and Arabic, the voice dubbing is required to make it understandable. 

In this service, the original audio track is replaced with the original track in such a way that the new vocal sounds match the lip movements of the character in the video. On the other hand voice over is performed by the artists who read the written content in their vocals. Both techniques are used to increase the accessibility and reach of movies, TV shows, documentaries, advertisements and many more.

Voice Dubbing and Voice Over

Voice Dubbing and Voice Over Services by Sharjah Translation Services

Sharjah Translation Services has been providing Voice Dubbing and Voice over services for many years in Sharjah and all over the UAE. In such a culturally rich Emirate where people from different linguistic backgrounds are living and working, many linguistic services are required to ensure effective communication between the residents of the city. These services are one of the essential techniques in this regard in which the voice in a video is dubbed by artists in different languages to make it understandable to the people who understand those languages.

How Voice Dubbing and Voice Over is performed at Sharjah Translation Services:

1. Script Translation

Sharjah Translation Services have the expert linguists who first translate the original script into the target language. They ensure to preserve cultural nuances and context in the translated script in order to convey accurately to the target audience.

2. Casting

Casting of skilled artists is important because selection of artists on the basis of characters’ sounds and the tone ensures the feelings of realness in the dubbed content. In this way the target audience gets the voice dubbing which is according to their language and cultural requirements.

3. Recording

The agency has state-of-the-art recording studios which are fully equipped with all sophisticated devices like headphones, microphones, filters and many other equipment. The artists watch the original videos and speak the lines in accordance with the lip movements of the character actually speaking in the video.

4. Synchronization

There are sound engineers whose job is to match the recorded voices with the visuals in the video. They are best in synchronizing the audio and video so that the audiences feel that the dubbed sound is the real sound of the character.

5. Post-Production

After voice dubbing, the video clips pass through the post production improvement process including noise reduction, equalization and mastering. These treatments improve the sound quality and add more value to the project.

Benefits of choosing our services

Our clients can achieve many benefits by choosing our services including the following:

1. Best Team

Sharjah Translation Services has a team of professional transcribers, voice dubbing and voice over artists and sound engineers and offers best services in Sharjah and all over the UAE since 2007, covering all languages spoken in Sharjah and UAE.

2. Global Reach

These services are beneficial to business owners and creators as offering these services in multiple languages can increase the global audience of the audiovisual content.

3. Cultural Sensitivity

When the content is according to the cultural norms and values of the target audience, it attracts the attention and understanding of the audience towards the content.

4. Professionalism

The more high quality dubbing and voice over will be, the more the audience will be targeted. Professionalism in the work elevates the brand name and increases the demand of services. Whether it’s a service provider or a business, professional voice dubbing and voice over is always beneficial to increase the customers.

5. Educational Matters

In educational matters, These services help in making learning materials more accessible to the students of different linguistic backgrounds and countries. The students can access the learning videos in their understandable languages by availing these services.


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