Whispering Interpretation

Avail the whispering interpretation services anywhere and anytime in Sharjah for variety of occasions

We are offering these services for many occasions and our interpreters are available to serve you at your desired venue. You can avail these services for following events:

Whispering Interpretation

Whispering Interpretation Services in Sharjah by Sharjah translation Services

Sharjah translation Services has been providing whispering interpretation services in Sharjah which is also known as “Chuchotage interpreting” for two decades and has the best interpreters for the job. This interpretation is helpful in the situation where only a small number of people need interpretation services. This technique involves an interpreter sitting or standing beside the individuals requiring translation and providing a whispered rendition of the spoken content. In this approach, flow of conversation is maintained just like simultaneous interpretation so that the message is communicated to both sides effectively.

Business Meetings and Negotiations

Sharjah is a hub of businesses in the UAE and many business organizations are effectively engaged in day to day meetings and negotiations with different professionals and business counterparts. Many participants do not understand each other so they need an interpreter to deliver their messages to both sides. Whisper interpretation ensures the natural flow of conversation and allows the participants to interact with each other without any delay in conversation.

Small Scale Visits and Demonstrations

Sometimes our clients are required to visit some places where they are given demonstrations by the hosts. If there is a language barrier, they hire services of interpreters to understand what the demonstrators are explaining to them.

1. Cultural and Artistic Events

Many cultural events take place in Sharjah due to the presence of people of different cultures so services of interpreters are very helpful in art exhibitions, theater performances, and music festivals. International attendees of the events take assistance from linguistic experts to understand the meanings of spoken words. It is also pertinent to mention here that without understanding the proceedings, it is just a waste of time for a person who does not understand the language in which the artists are performing.

2. Medical Consultations

This facility is also useful during the patient and doctors meeting. If the patient and the doctor do not understand the languages of each other, an interpreter comes in to ensure effective communication. The patient can explain his medical condition whereas the doctor can suggest the prescription to ensure relevant treatment.

3. Legal Proceedings

This interpretation format is mostly used in legal matters where individuals meet lawyers and judges and discuss the legal matters. In this way, language barriers can be overcome during legal proceedings.

Social Services

This facility is also useful during immigration assistance or counseling on different matters. Moreover, there are many social services in which consultants and social activists make discussions on different topics to the participants of different languages. So interpretation aids are also very helpful to both sides.

Trade Shows and Expos

International trade events and expos in Sharjah offer opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services. Exhibitors and potential clients can interact effectively by a whisper interpreter.

4. Tourism and Hospitality

Sharjah has many tourist spots and the tourists from all over the world frequently visit this emirate. In situations where tour guides, hospitality staff, and tourists speak different languages, whispering interpretation guarantees a seamless and informative experience.

5. Educational Settings

Services of whisper interpreters are also useful for the students and academicians of different language backgrounds and ensure effective communication during classroom discussions, lectures, and academic collaborations.

6. Diplomatic and Government Functions

Sharjah’s diplomatic and government activities involve interactions between diplomats and officials of various nations. Whispering interpretation helps diplomats and officials to communicate effectively during international meetings.

Benefits of choosing our services:

Clients can expect best whisper interpreters for their different events which are available at any time of the day to assist them. These services are available for all corners of Sharjah and the agency ensures the availability of interpreters at the place of event. When it comes to confidentiality, we are well aware of the importance of keeping secrecy of proceedings of meetings. Furthermore, we are offering these services at a very reasonable price and our customer service representatives respond to all queries within minutes. Clients can avail these facilities for all languages spoken in Sharjah and UAE as we have made all necessary arrangements in this regard.


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